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Confidence is the key

I recently went to this lecture which was all about how to find that sense of self. But also how the way you present yourself impacts the way others perceive you.
Like for example, most employees don’t really care about how many degrees you have or what you have learned. If you have the papers then that shows to the employer that you can stick to this thing and you don’t give up. It shows your persistence and how you can handle difficult situations.

But when talking just about confidence then you have to believe that you are that supergirl, that you are powerful. That you do have everything it takes to get the job done. Even if you don’t always think of yourself at first.

I can tell you this from an experience. I am quite insecure and doubt in myself A LOT. I doubt in my own skills and knowledge. I adapt to a character that helps me through the situation the easiest way possible.
Another example – I am absolutely terrified of public performance or public speaking. I always try to avoid it the best I can. But since this is life and I can’t get what I want, I take on a character or make up a situation that feels the most safe. When I have to speak in front of the class or have to represent something, I always need to have a friend in the crowd, like a security person. It makes me feel safe. Like I am talking directly to that person. And when I don’t have someone like that then I get so nervous and I forget everything. It’s bad hahah.

So whatever you do in life, do it with confidence. Even if you don’t believe in yourself in some moments. Act like you do and others will believe too.



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