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Better late than never! I’m still on the phase of getting ready for 2018 because it’s been a crazy busy life lately and I haven’t had the time to fully reflect on last year. I feel like it’s so important to look back on the year in order to move forward. It’s good because I can actually see what happened, what changed, what I wish had happened, things I learned etc. So here’s what 2017 brought me!

Sistertime Loved getting together with my oldest sister and this year we had quite a few days with the 3 of us – me, my twinsister and our older sister Getter. She just recently moved really close to us so this year we’ll have even more days like these. Can’t wait!

Winter + snow We had some really beautiful winter days in February and I am low key excited for days like these. It has gone warmer year by year so therefor we always have to wait sooo long for proper winter weather. 
Shot some good outfit pics. It always feels so nice to see good quality pictures on my laptop after shooting an outfit. Like yes – mission accomplished!
Celebrated my 22th birthday Obviously! This year it was so nice because I had my vacation then and although I had nothing special planned it was a lovely day, mostly thanks to my bf ♥.
Visited Endla bog Such a beaaautiful place! This year I want to do way more exploring like this!
Went to sugar heaven haha We ordered a bunch of macaroons with my twinsister and had way to much sugar in one go. It was like our 3rd time celebrating our birthday. These were good tho!
Chopped off my hair I wanted to do this for the longest time but in 2017 spring I gathered my guts and went to the hairdresser to say goodbye to my long locks. Definitely one of the biggest changes in that year haha.
Got microblading done to my eyebrows I am still so incredibly thankful to Alvine for doing this for me. I got so much more confident because I finally got myself nice eyebrows. Still so pleased with them! So this year I got to change up my look in many ways – shorter hair, fuller eyebrows and I also had my acrylic nails removed. All done in the matter of 3 days haha.
Enjoyed hot summer weather
I mean.. those few days we got. It was not a good summer weather but hey, what else is new? 😀

Hang out with friend 
Finally made it to Ruila in the summer and Laitse in December. Those 2 places are actually like one and this is where I grew up with my best friends. It was so nice to go back after so many years!


Spent time with my mom
I stayed at her place for about a week in the summer and one day we got to drive around South-Estonia. It was so much fun and I still remember this week as one of the bests in 2017.


I think it was our 3rd Hurts live with my sister. This night was amaaazing! Also enjoyed the best cocktails we’ve ever had in out lives haha.


Day trip to Helsinki
In September me and my sister Liina had a really nice trip to Helsinki. It was something we’d never done before but most definitely have to do this again soon. This day was too much fun!


Enjoyed fall more than ever
This year I really fell in love with fall again and now it has the honor of being my favorite season. Little things like coffee, candles and apple picking brought me so much joy. 

image image

Living in Helsinki + NEW JOB
Definitely the best thing that happened in 2017 was the fact that I got a new job. My first M-F job and the highest paying one I’ve ever had. I am still so proud of myself for getting this position and honestly I am so thankful that it happened. I’m a visual merchandiser at H&M and I love it! Due to the training before I officially got to start working I had to stay in Helsinki for 4 weeks. It was a whole new experience for me and I grew so much as a person while living there alone. I still remember how annoying it was to go back to Helsinki every Sunday but now when I look back at it I am so thankful I got to do this. One day I had my sister staying over and we had the best day in the city again. 


Always something to remember! I really enjoyed Christmas this year because I had 5 free days and I didn’t have to worry about anything overt the holidays. It was so good to see my siblings and our Christmas at mom’s was lovely as always. All together I loved everything minus the fact that I was completely sick on Christmas Day. At least I got to watch festive movies all day haha. 

So that was my 2017. I enjoyed the small things and was the happiest about big changes. Now I’m ready for a new year and new adventures! 


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