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Somewhere around mid-week I decided that I’ll be spending this weekend under the sun. Under the warm and burning light we had been promised since the begging of the week. Whatever the cost, I wasn’t going to waste this weather on staying inside watching Netflix or chilling on my laptop. We don’t get weekends as good as this even on the summer months (except if we’re really lucky) so I needed to make sure that I take all from it. So on Thursday night we (meaning me and my bf as you probably already know by now) made plans to drive to his parents’ on Saturday.

Let me start by saying how much I love these morning drives. Like a lot! And I don’t mean driving to work or school but those drives that get you somewhere nice. Somewhere you can relax and enjoy yourself. Saturday started just like this. We slept a bit late because we needed to stop by the shopping center before we could leave the city and well… they only open at 10AM. Got my bikinis, a new summer dress and a cold coffee on the go and we were ready to take off. We had over 160km ahead of us, the sun was already beaming and we blasted some good tunes on the radio. It was a good time. 

Around mid-day we were there and pretty much immediately headed to the beach to catch some sun on our awfully pale bodies. It was so damn nice to just lay there, have no worries on mind and completely just relax. I also took my book with me which made this otherwise really lovely atmosphere even better. Some good hours laying under the sun went by quickly but we were ready for our next adventure. Drove to the city which is about 7km from where we stayed and a slight wave of nostalgia hit me while we driving around there. Can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since I graduated high school! But we got we needed and drove back to the countryside, started the bbq and still enjoyed the warm sun. I guess it was like 2-3 hours that we stayed there and I cannot express how lovely it all felt. Just me and my boy, cooking up some food in the fresh air, listening to good music, talking and playing around with disc golf discs. I was barefoot and in a bikini like 80% the time and it was a blast!

Our lovely 24-trip ended today when we started to drive back to Tallinn around 1PM. Still went to the beach for about 2 hours to catch the last bit of sun. Needless to say how thankful and happy I am with this weekend! I love me a 25°C weather and fun activities and this weekend was all about that. I had no time for social media or my laptop which was super nice. I feel like I really needed this little weekend get away to gain some new energy inside and I’m more than ready to hassle a new week! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and all the mothers out there got spoiled with love! xx


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