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Phone and camera snaps from Amsterdam.

Hellooo hope everyone had a great week!

I took so many snapshots with phone and camera in Amsterdam that I figured I should share a cute gallery of them on blog! So we spent the New Year’s in Amsterdam and it was the first time in the city for both of us. J and I loved the city so so much eventhough the weather let us down big time. A city is pretty damn good if even pouring rain can’t ruin the beauty and experience of it. Gladly it wasn’t raining on New Year’s Eve but I did miss skating because of it. And we also missed the canal cruise because they ended it way too soon on 31st hahah. We just gotta go back because well point one, we always wanna go back there, and point two, so much is undone and unseen still! Should probably pick a bit warmer and less crowded time of the year though. New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam was a mess in a sense that I thought it would be. I’ve actually never seen such a huge city-wide party before, but I’m glad I did, because boy it was something hahah. Had to catch the 1pm flight next day and it didn’t feel really good for me because…reasons. 

Exploring new European cities is something that really makes me happy. I can walk 20 km a day easily just to grasp everything about them. Each city is so different and depicts so many different ways of life and I just like to blend in and be part of it for a few days. Can you relate? x


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