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Chasing perfection.

We compare. We change. Not to accommodate ourselves but others. We all run around trying to be better than someone else. Or to have a more perfect life than someone else. We change ourselves so much that in the end we lose who we really are.

How is this still okay?

I admit that I have done that too. I have changed myself to fit someone else’s idea of how I should be like. I still do it sometimes but I do try to get rid of it.

Because in no way is this right.

I do believe that we all were made the way we are for a reason. So that we could be more open-minded and acceptable of people of all kind. Because there ain’t no one other just like us. There is no other person who looks like me, thinks like me and likes all the same things I do.

And that’s the beauty of life.

But there are still so so many people who are blind to this fact. They can’s see that. They don’t understand that we can’t be like someone else no matter how hard they may try.

But what is even that perfection that we all so much desire?

Is there even such thing?

Because when we reach that level of that so-called perfection, we still won’t be happy. We want more. We will always want more than what we already have.

So, can there even ever be perfection when we will never be happy with what we have?



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