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Cheap Food Photography Backgrounds



Since I have had many questions about my food photography boards, then I thought that I’m going to share my little secrets about my boards. The most popular board is always the marble one. To be honest, it’s fake and costs about 10 euros. Yes, I’m too cheap to buy the real one which costs approximately 100 euros. Maybe one day I will have my kitchen workspace out of marble. That sounds like a dream.

The truth about backdrops is that you can spend A LOT of money on these. I have seen some online shops where one backdrop costs about 100 to 200 dollars. These backgrounds are amazing and will last forever. However, the international shipping to my place costs about the same price as the board itself. Almost. So, I rather make my own or find some cheap ones. No more than 20 euros. Thanks. In the end, I get tired of them quite quickly.

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