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Oh, hi there! It’s been a while. I promised a longer post for you on Monday and now it’s already been 5 days without posting anything.. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty about it but I do. It’s like a constant battle in my mind. But the truth is I’m lacking ideas what to write about and that’s why I’ve been postponing it for so long. Hoping that a great idea will knock on my door and make it all much easier. But I guess it’s not the case for me. Hate when this happens because I’m not the kind of blogger who does 1 post per month and is happy with it. I want to keep things flowing and consistent and I know some may think that I put way too much pressure on myself because of that but it’s something that I LOVE and you don’t let these kind of things just kind of lay there. At least I’m trying not to. But if you have any ideas for me I would like to hear them! What would you like to see more – everyday posts, fashion post, videos, beauty posts or maybe something else?







It’s now August already and I feel like from now on I really just want to enjoy the little things about summer. Just take it easy and enjoy this time while it lasts. Go on warm evening runs, enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun, go on walks around the neighborhood and not stress about getting as much stuff done as possible. I feel like it takes away all the fun and I’ve been stressing myself out with this kind of mindset lately. Now it’s time for a happier and more relaxed me! Maybe it will get my creative juices flowing again too!

I spent this weekend on the countryside with my boyfriend, visiting his parents. Although we didn’t get up to much special it was nice to just relax there and get away from the big city for a chance. I’ve always thought that I’m such a city girl but this summer has made love the countryside life a lot more and I’m always enjoying these kind of weekend the most. I feel like I’m lucky to have the chance to get the best of both worlds if I want to. Hoping it will stay like this! Anyway, I hope you had a lovely weekend and I will talk to you soon!


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