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How’s it going my friends? Hope you had an amazing start of the week! I’m settled back to the work-life and just generally trying to get things done. Loving the productivity as always! This weekend I’ll be heading back to Pühajärve, this time for Rally Estonia for the first time (just realized 2018 has brought me a lot of ‘firsts’ hehe) and I’m super excited. Partly because I love these kind of weekend getaways and partly because of the people and hopes that we’re gonna have an awesome time there. Now all there’s left to do is hope for a better weather haha. What else is new, right?








This kind of weather from these France photos would be perfect! It was our second night in Nice and quite randomly we decided to go out that night. I changed into this lovely red dress which was packed as my party-outfit. I think it looks so nice and summery, just perfect for summer nights out! Which is what we had planned but what quite frankly never happened.

We had a lovely late dinner in a local restaurant and then walked to the beach area where we hoped to find a nice beach party. The reality was just huge amount of people walking on the promenade and some random bars next to it being completely full. So yeah, we didn’t really feel the vibe there and ended up just sitting on the beach and talking for a while. The view was amazing so it was still worth coming out at night. We also had a fun idea to rent bikes so we could ride home (we lived like 15min tram-ride away from the beach area) and since it was already past midnight we didn’t think there’s really any public transport available. So we had a bit struggle to actually rent the bikes but finally did it and thought “yay, we’ll be home soon”. Umm.. yeah, it took us 75minutes to get home because we got lost a couple of times. So we were all quite stressed when we got home at 2am haha. Still a fun thing to remember now.                        So that was my little story about our adventures from day 2. It was still one of the best days since we enjoyed a nice boat trip during the day. I’ll post a vlog soon so you can see the nice view we had. But I’ll wrap things up for today. I feel like this post is just all over the place but honestly, life’s too short and busy to make everything perfect all the time. I will talk to you soon!! xx



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