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Gift Idea: Quick 5 Ingredients Protein Raffaello (+ VIDEO)

Quick 5 Ingredients White Chocolate Coconut Protein Truffles

I usually never buy chocolate from the store. It doesn’t mean that I don’t eat chocolate. Like every other girl, I LOVE chocolate. I’m just used to order one kilogram of cocoa butter and make my own refined sugar-free raw chocolate. When I first started with my own raw chocolate, then I almost wanted to give up on getting the perfect texture for the white chocolate. The honey and melted raw cocoa butter just didn’t go together properly. Sometimes I got layers of honey and cocoa butter. I tried different techniques to get the right consistency. It’s not like melting usual chocolate which has many additives inside to make sure it melts properly. When you use the water bath, then the raw cocoa butter with raw cocoa powder actually works quite well and you’ll get the nice texture for raw chocolate. You just have to make sure that you melt it very slowly.


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