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Let’s talk about failure

Failure. The one word everyone is always so afraid to hear.

But why?

Does this show your worth? Defines your self-worth?

No. This shows that you weren’t scared to try. That you took your chances even if you knew they weren’t too good. But what happens if you try but don’t fail? What if you have such a success you never even couldn’t dream of?


And truth be told, I am on that verge right now. Because I am finishing high school next year and I have my mind set on only one path, on one school. I don’t have a plan B. And that scares the heck out of me. But in the same I know that if I don’t pursue my passion then I will probably be miserable for the rest of my life.

Because I want to be a full-time artist. And it’s not an easy life but I have tried visioning different kind of life for myself but I just can’t. Even my best friend of 6 years told me she can’t see me being anyone else besides an artist.

But because I know what I want, I don’t get to be scared to fail. I just have to be brave enough put on my big girl pants and see what happens. I need to know.

By most teachers or students, I am probably considered a failure in school – I am not interested in what I study therefore I usually do the bare minimum to pass the class. I know if I dedicated more of my time on my schoolwork I would do much better in school. But what does that give me? Nothing really. So, I am choosing to use my time more wisely and focus my time on art. On making sure I am doing my best in that.

I know that I am still very young and have not yet experienced the biggest failures but I am sure they will come on my way – just like on everyone else’s way.
But what I do know is that no matter how many times I fail, I need to get up and try again in a different way.

So my message to you is to never let your fear take over your life, the positive of loving what you do will forever outweight the negative.



Hei! Mina olen Greete,16 aastane neiu Viljandist, kes kirjutab kõigest, millest pähe tuleb. Peamiselt on postitused seotud ikkagi ilu-ja elustiili teemadega, kuid vahest ka fotograafia ja niisama hetke mõtetega. :)

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