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Mistakes all photographers have made

All of us photographers have had some kind of mishaps during their time doing photography. So I asked some fellow photographers from all over the world what are some of the mistakes they have done.


I am also so guilty of doing this. When I first started I used some really crappy editing program. I tried to get the piercingly beautiful eyes that everyone else had on Facebook photography groups. But I can tell ya already, the result ain’t pretty. I swear to god that the eyes in these photos looked sooo creepy!! I brought up the whites and blacks waayy too high. Please kids, don’t be as dumb as I was.

Not learning manual sooner

I can relate to it too! I used the aperture priority (Av) for a long time and learning to shoot in manual was the best decision. It wasn’t easy and I spent my New Year’s Eve shooting a notebook and pen to get the hang of shooting in manual lol. What a way to end the yeah haha 😀


Choosing a bad location

One girl shared her story with me and I feel so sorry for her haha. So she accidentally stood in an ant pile while shooting and had a horrible reaction from the bites! This is truly tragic but she did get beautiful shots so as she says, it was totally worth it.

Shooting in JPG instead of RAW

I regret this soo much! I did it when I just got started and omg, why did I do that?? But when I started using the editing program (and already learned some things because thanks to YouTube) I used before Lightroom, it didn’t let me edit photos unless they were in JPG, so that’s what I did. It wasn’t a good idea I can tell ya that!

Tilted horizon 

There are a bunch of problems that may occur when you shoot crooked all through the session. First of all, the composition isn’t the same as it was at first.
Secondly, when you try to straighten it (and when you shoot people) then you may crop it in a way that the person’s limbs look very awkward.


Too high ISO

I think absolutely every photographer has this happened to them! It’s so easy to forget to change the settings when you shoot at different times. Like what happened to Jessica..

“Accidentally left my ISO at 10,200 (I believe I was shooting a night  shoot for fun and was playing around with ISO’s… I was VERY NEW) and did an outdoor shoot in the blasting sun! The photos came out really grainy and overexposed.”

Not emptying the memory card

Oh I know it all too well. I do a lot of impromptu shoots and there are times when I forget to empty the memory card. And then having the moment of surprise during a session when I have had discovered that my 32GB memory card is completely full.
But thankfully I always have a backup card in my bag so if it happens, I don’t have to pause the session to delete some of the shots. But unfortunately Rebecca wasn’t all that lucky when something like that happened..

“Forgot to erase my memory card. Didn’t have my backup card. Card was full midway through a session. Clients had to wait while I went through and manually deleted photos I couldn’t use. Took several minutes.”

Listening too much other photographers

It can be hard being the only person doing photography when you don’t have any other photographer friends. You just have to rely on yourself and there is a lot of doubt. You can wonder for a long time whether you work is good enough or if you should change something.

While having other photographers who can give you some feedback, it can get a little overbearing at times.

Others do have tendency to give unnecessary advice. Some need to understand that everyone has their own vision and how they like something. So my advice in this case is to just tell these people to shut up and focus on their own art and let you do you boo.

So, to sum it all up – everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay. Nobody’s perfect and I swear to you, I have done I think most of these – if not even all. And these mistakes don’t apply to just beginners, even more professional photographers have had their bad moments when everything just isn’t going right but it’s not the end of the world.

If you do photography, which mistakes have you done? Let me know in the comment section below! 🙂

Peace out & you do you hun




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