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Six Podcasts for Six Moods

(eestikeelne allpool) I’ve been hooked on podcasts for a good few years now and more often than not, I’m finding myself tuning in to a conversation, rather than a Spotify playlist. Based on what I’m feeling like  – needing a pick me up, a good laugh or just something for the background on my walk to work – I’ve developed quite a selection to choose from. I mainly use the Acast app to follow, stream or download my faves, but they’re all on iTunes as…Continue Reading “Six Podcasts for Six Moods” →

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Ajakirjandustudengi moeblogi, kust leiab ka muud lisaks stiilipostitustele, mõnikord lipsab sisse nii reisi-, ilu- kui toidupostitusi. Ja mul on podcast nimega Self Made, kus räägin ägedate eesti naistega nende elust, karjäärist ja inspiratsiooniallikatest.

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